Scholarship Search Options

  • CollegeBoard and FastWeb are detailed scholarship search engines that allow you to create a personal profile with information about everything from grades, to special interests to medical conditions. These search engines use this information to find ideal scholarships for you. The search engines are not perfect; it still takes time to look through the results and decide which scholarships it makes sense to apply for!
  • The National Database of Scholarships has an extensive listing of scholarships broken into categories, e.g; minority scholarships, athletic scholarships, etc.
  • United Negro College Fund has a scholarship search engine, but also allows you to browse lists of scholarships with upcoming deadlines.
  • Scholly has scholarships for high school students and current college students. Scholly’s adaptive matching engine will find the scholarships you qualify for in seconds.
  • AffordableColleges has a list of scholarships for African Americans and other minority groups.
  • Nitrocollege has an extensive listing of scholarships broken into categories, e.g; disability, minority, veterans, women, graduate, undocumented, African American, Native American, etc.
  • BestColleges provides a scholarship guide for African American Students features financial aid advice, application tips and tricks, and over 30 scholarships.
  • EduMed provides a list of the Top 50 Scholarships for nursing, allied health, and medical students.
  • NursingExplorer  provides a database with over 15,000 scholarships.
  • HonestProductReviews provides a research guide on the best scholarship search sites.
  • Chegg scholarships is a completely free scholarship search engine used by over 4 million students nationwide. With over 25K scholarships with personalized filters like GPA, Age available for students in high school, college, grad school & beyond, it’s one of the biggest out there.
  • Health Administration Degrees offers a database of scholarships, grants, and fellowships that can help make your education in the healthcare industry more affordable. Scholarships are divided into categories for undergraduate, graduate, minority, health information technology, and healthcare management. Explore the rest of the site for information on the many healthcare majors and specialties you can choose from along with colleges that offer those majors in your state.
  • The Human Rights Campaign’s LGBTQ+ Scholarships Database allows LGBTQ+ students to search for national, state, and school scholarships.
  • This Ultimate Guide to College Resources for LGBTQ+ students features scholarships, grants, and much more.

Scholarships for Philadelphia Residents

Scholarships for Adults

  • Graduate! Philadelphia has a full list of scholarships and grants exclusively for adults continuing their education. Make an appointment with a Graduate! Philadelphia representative to learn about their partner colleges’ financial options for adult students.
  • Scholarships and Grants has a comprehensive list of scholarship and grant opportunities for adults continuing their education.
  • Check out our list of Scholarships for Adults.
  • Graduate School Scholarships are provided on for adults who are looking for funding options to finance an advance degree.

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