Students with Disabilities

Disabilities Services

Most colleges have an office of Student Disabilities Services. Be sure to contact the disabilities services office to see exactly what kind of support and accommodations they provide.

Questions to ask Student Disabilities Services

  • How do I become active in the office?  Are there any documents or forms that must be filled out to use the office and its services? Who will act as my liaison for requesting disability services and support on campus and in the classroom? 
  • What testing accommodations are available?
  • How do I get permission from professors to use testing accommodations?
  • What kinds of tutoring programs or other academic support is available on campus?
  • How can I become connected with students with disabilities?  What kind of mentor or community support is available?
  • What kind of assistive technology is available?
  • What specific programs are offered at your university to accommodate students with disabilities?
  • How physically accessible is your campus? Will it meets my accessibility needs?
  • What is the four-year graduation rate for students with learning disabilities similar to mine?


For a list of scholarships available to students with disabilities, check out the following databases:

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