LGBTQ+ Students

Campus Pride

When you start your college search, Campus Pride is an excellent resource for LGBTQ+ students. They have a map of LGBTQ+ resources for each college campus, a database of scholarships, links to resources and events, and a ranking of the most LGBTQ+-friendly campuses.

LGBTQ+ Communities

Many schools have thriving LGBTQ+ communities on campus. Check out the websites of the colleges you’re interested in. Look for pages in the “Student Life” or “Campus Life” sections that will tell you about LGBTQ+ clubs, organizations, and resources on campus.


There are lots of scholarships available to LGBTQ+ youth. While you should not feel excluded from other types of scholarships, LGBTQ+-specific scholarships are a great way to find support in a community that you identify with.

For a list of LGBTQ+ scholarships organized state-by-state, check out the Human Rights Campaign.

The following organizations offer national scholarships for LGBTQ+ students. Check out their websites to see if you are eligible.


The Attic Youth Center is a Philadelphia resource for LGBTQ youth. The Center provides a variety of youth programming like a life skills center, mental health counseling, and social events to bring LGBTQ youth together in a safe and open environment.

UPromises’s article on Searching for LGBTQ+ Friendly Colleges and Communities is an excellent place to begin. In addition to lists of colleges rated most LGBTQ+ friendly, you’ll find tips on finding and being a part of your LGBTQ+ campus community. 

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