GED & High School Diploma Resources

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If you’re 16 or older, not currently enrolled in a high school, and you’re not yet ready for college level courses or need your GED, there are a number of options available to help Philadelphia residents obtain a GED or High School Diploma, which is essential for college admission.


District 1199C

The District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund provides free support for those looking to earn a GED and enter a career. Among other services, they offer free courses in math, language arts, and social studies to help you prepare for the GED while building computer literacy skills. Find out more

Gateway to College

The Gateway to College program is an accelerated (all year) program that works with students to get back on track and complete the goal of graduating high school. We work with 16-21-year-old students who have an “overage” of credits and/or “under-credited.” Students take courses at CCP to satisfy their remaining credits while earning college credits that can be used to catch up with their peers for either an associate degree from CCP or be transferred to many colleges. Our staff is former educators, social workers, counselors, support staff, and directors of previous programs that have an unwavering commitment to getting these students to their goal of graduation.

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Educational Opportunity Center

Ages 19+ Provides college counseling services to adults and can help students plan to complete their GED and then enroll in college.

Penn State University or call (215) 246-3505
Community Learning Center’s free adult education (including GED, college, and career prep) courses 
Additional GED prep resources

E3 Centers

For ages 17-21, E3 offers educational services, employment readiness and placement services.

E3 Center City
112 N Broad Street, 12th Floor (267) 238-3180

E3 North
2800 N American Street (215) 763-8870 ext. 7224

E3 Southwest
5407 Grays Avenue (267) 299-2513

E3 West
4111 Lancaster Avenue (215) 387-2137

GED & High School Diploma Resources

School District of Philadelphia

Re-Engagement Center offers assistance to students (ages 16 – 21) who would like to earn their GED, or are interested in accelerated high school options. Accelerated schools allow students to earn credit toward graduation within three years. Many schools offer support services, and assistance finding affordable child care. Monday through Friday, 9 am – 3pm.

Educational Options Programs classes towards a high school diploma are offered at four locations, Mondays through Thursday, from 3:30 – 6:30 pm. Students must have at least 8 credits prior to enrolling and cannot be enrolled in a traditional day school.

(215) 400-6700   440 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

GED & High School Diploma Resources

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