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Women In Natural Sciences (WINS)


Women In Natural Sciences (WINS) is a free after-school and summer science enrichment program at the Academy of Natural Sciences serving young women from underrepresented communities and households facing financial limitations within the Philadelphia School District. The program’s mentoring and support has resulted in 100% of WINS students graduating high school and over 96% attending college. Approximately 63% pursue careers in STEM, many accrediting their experience in WINS as the inspiration for considering careers in environmental sciences and engineering.


Students whose households may be facing financial limitations, and places a special emphasis on households headed by single parents, grandparents, non-parent guardians and foster parents. They request you (parent/guardian/counselor) nominate students who are:

• Female.
• Motivated.
• Grades of B average or better.
• In 8th grade and planning to attend a Philadelphia public or charter school in the upcoming academic year.

Applications should include:

• The applicant’s most recent report card;
• The final report card from the seventh grade;
• Two letters of recommendation (These letters should be from a school counselor, teacher, or other involved adult who is not a relative).

For more information, please check their website.