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Summer Search


Summer Search is a 7 to 9 year program. The program outline is as follows:

Mentoring: Starting as high school sophomores, Summer Search students are paired with a professional staff mentor for 1-on-1 mentoring conversations. You’ll also participate in group mentoring sessions where students meet with their mentor and a group of fellow high school peers.

Summer Experiences: Summer Search students are awarded scholarships to participate in summer experiences after your sophomore and junior years. These are opportunities for growth and connection that are both challenging and empowering. You’ll partner with your mentor to decide which opportunities best fit your interests and aspirations.

12th Grade Postsecondary Advising: So, what do you want to do after high school? Partner with us to navigate toward your post-secondary dreams. This could mean going to college (We help 97% of our Seniors get accepted to college.) It could also mean starting a trade, business, or other adventure. We’re here to help guide you.


The program is open to high school sophomores who attend a Summer Search partner school (or are connected with a Summer Search Partner) and who are Free and Reduced lunch-eligible.

You can contact Summer Search for an updated list of their school partners:
National Contact
• Summer Search Philadelphia Website