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Beyond the Bars Student-Driven Music Academy


The Beyond the Bars Student-Driven Music Academy is an innovative program that empowers young musicians to explore and develop their musical talents. The program focuses on creating a supportive and collaborative environment where students can express themselves through music and gain valuable skills in music production, songwriting, and performance. Beyond the Bars aims to foster creativity, confidence, and a sense of community among its participants, encouraging them to pursue their passion for music and achieve their full potential.


• Students must be between the ages of 13 and 19.
• Students should have a genuine interest in music and a desire to explore and develop their musical abilities.
• Students should be willing to commit to attending and actively participating in the program’s activities, workshops, rehearsals, and performances.
• Students should have availability during the program’s scheduled sessions and events.

Application: Interested students need to complete the online student sign-up form on the official Beyond the Bars website. The application may require information such as personal details, musical background, and a brief statement of interest.