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8 Scholarships in Honor of Disability Pride Month 2024

July 1, 2024

July is Disability Pride Month. Below is a list of scholarships related to disability pride that are still live. Click on them to be directed to the scholarship site where you can apply directly.

1. Robert and Suzi DeGennaro Scholarship for Disabled Students

Background: Robert and Suzi DeGennaro both used wheelchairs every day. Robert had multiple sclerosis and Suzi had muscular dystrophy. This scholarship honors their memory by helping students with disabilities who want to attend college.


πŸŽ“ High school students
πŸŽ“ Undergraduate students
πŸŽ“ Graduate students
β™Ώ Must have a physical disability

Requirements: ✍️ Write a 400-600 word response to the prompt in the “APPLY HERE” link

Scholarship Amount: πŸ’΅ $1000

Deadline: πŸ“… July 1st, 2024

2. $1000 HPFY Beyond Disability Scholarship Due 8/15/24

Background: The Health Products for You scholarship program helps students with disabilities reach their dreams. It encourages high school seniors and college students who have not let their disabilities stop them from achieving their goals.


πŸŽ“ High school seniors or college students with a documented disability
🏫 Plan to attend or currently enrolled in a 2 or 4-year college, university, technical school, or vocational school
⏳ Enrolled full-time or half-time


πŸ“ APPLY HERE by August 15th
πŸ“œ Proof of enrollment or transcript (GPA doesn’t matter)
πŸ₯ Medical documents proving disability
πŸ–‹οΈ 500-word minimum essay on the given prompt
πŸ“‚ Optional: Supporting documents or letters of recommendation

Scholarship Amount: πŸ’° $1000

Deadline: πŸ“… August 8th, 2024

3. Straive Accessibility Scholarship – Due 9/1/24

Background: This scholarship helps students with disabilities who want to study STEM subjects. It’s for those who want to use their special talents to make the digital world better.


πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ Undergraduate or graduate students
β™Ώ Have a disability
πŸ’» Studying computer science, web development, digital design, or related STEM fields

Requirements: ✍️ Write a 400-600 word essay. Follow the prompt in the “APPLY HERE” link

Scholarship Amount: πŸ’΅ $2,500

Deadline: πŸ“… September 1, 2024

4. Dwight “The Professor” Baldwin Scholarship – Due 9/5/24

Background: Dwight “The Professor” Baldwin was a kind father who helped many students with disabilities. This scholarship honors him by helping students with disabilities achieve their big dreams for the future.


πŸŽ“ Any high school student
πŸŽ“ Any undergraduate student
πŸŽ“ Any graduate student
β™Ώ Physical and/or mental disabilities

Requirements: ✍️ 400-600 words or less response to the prompt provided in the “APPLY HERE” link

Scholarship Amount:πŸ’° $1,000

Deadline: πŸ“… September 5th, 2024

5. American Council of the Blind Scholarship- Due 2/14/25

Background: This scholarship helps students pay for college costs like tuition, fees, and room and board. It also helps cover costs for special technology that students might need. The goal is to support students with disabilities to achieve their education dreams.


πŸ‘“ Legally blind
πŸ“š 3.0 GPA
πŸŽ“ Full-time student (or part-time with 32+ work hours/week)
🌟 Involved in school/local community


πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ Proof of legal blindness from a doctor
πŸ“œ School transcript(s)
βœ‰οΈ Two recommendation letters from a teacher, counselor, or employer
🏫 Proof of acceptance to a college


Scholarship Amount:πŸ’° $7,500

Deadline: πŸ“… February 14, 2025

6. The Guthrie-Koch PKU Scholarship -Due 3/15/25

Background: Scholarships are available for college-age individuals managing PKU through diet treatment, aiming to support their educational pursuits.


🌍 Residents of any country eligible
πŸ“š Must be accepted to an accredited college or technical school (application can be submitted before acceptance)


πŸ“ Create a profile and complete the application
πŸ“„ Submit essay, transcripts & test scores
πŸ“‹ Provide personal reference links to four non-related adults


Scholarship Amount: Amount varies

Deadline: πŸ“… March 15th, 2025

7. Dylan’s Journey Memorial Scholarship – Due 3/21/25

Background: Dylan’s Journey Memorial Scholarship honors students facing learning disabilities or Neurofibromatosis (NF), empowering them to pursue their educational dreams despite challenges.


πŸŽ“ High school
πŸŽ“ Undergraduate
πŸŽ“ Graduate students

Requirements: Submit a video, or write a 400-600 word essay in response to the prompt provided in the “APPLY HERE” link below

Scholarship Amount: πŸ’΅ $1,000

Deadline: πŸ“… March 21st, 2025

8. Team Type 1 Global Ambassador Scholarship Program – Due 3/31/25

Background: The Team Type 1 Global Ambassador Scholarship supports young athletes with Type 1 diabetes, offering up to $10,000 to cover diabetes care costs during college.


🩸 Lives with Type 1 diabetes
πŸŽ“ Attends an NAIA or NCAA accredited school
πŸ… Plays a sanctioned sport for the school
πŸ“š Maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher
πŸ’‘ Uses sport to inspire others with diabetes
πŸ“… Commits to attending Team Type 1 Global Ambassador Training online


πŸ“ Complete the application


Scholarship Amount: πŸ’΅ Up to $10K (5 awards)

Deadline: πŸ“… March 31st, 2025

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