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$10,000 Build A Better Future Scholarship for Students with Community Improvement Projects Due 5/28

May 1, 2023

Background: Ever wondered just how much of a difference high school students can make on their communities? Each year, the Going Merry Design a Better Future scholarship awards students for a well-designed community improvement project.

Award: Five students will receive $10,000 each in tuition. The top winner will also receive up to $5,000 towards their community improvement project. Winners are selected based on the seriousness and viability of their project and the completion of their application.

Eligibility: This scholarship is open to high school seniors planning on attending college. There are no citizenship requirements. Applicant must have been working on a design-thinking project to build up their community. It can be a project they’ve already completed but the project still needs to be active.

How to Apply: Students can apply here by the May 28th deadline. Required materials include photos of your project, a 2-5 minute video, and 1-3 brief interviews with people you are working with.

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