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$5,000 Lindsey Vonn Scholarship: Pays for Out-of-School Academic & Sports Programs for Girls

February 21, 2023

Award: The Lindsey Vonn Scholarship pays for academic, athletic, or other enrichment activities. Note that this scholarship is not for college tuition or any associated fees for college. The scholarship must be used within six months of acceptance.

Examples of enrichment activities the scholarship would pay for include:
• Sports programs or camps
• STEM, dance, theatre, journalism, debate, or art camps
• Music lessons, creative writing workshops, art classes, or cooking classes
• ACT prep or after-school tutoring
• Travel experiences and volunteer work

Eligibility: Applicants must be female, financially in-need, and 10 to 18 years old at the time of application.

How to Apply: Apply here by the March 31st deadline. The application requires an essay and one letter of recommendation. The essay portion of the application is important and should be checked carefully for typos and grammar mistakes. Check out this helpful guide for more information on what the selection committee is looking for when reviewing essays.

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