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11th-12th Graders: Register for the DIME Program to Become the Next Superstar Investor

September 26, 2022

Overview: The mission of the DIME (Diversity Investment Management Engagement) Program is to broaden the racial representation of the investment management industry by developing the next generation of top talent. DIME  participants:

• Acquire the skills necessary to become a superstar investor and compete in a stock market trading game
• Learn about cryptocurrencies, real estate investing, and more
• Interact with industry professionals and build relationships with other students
• Become eligible to receive cash awards, college scholarships, extra curricular credit, and internships

Details: DIME programming begins October 19th and combines a robust six-week instruction period with a fully functional trading platform.

Eligibility: The DIME program is open to BIPOC 11th and 12th graders.

How to Enroll: To enroll, reach out to a DIME team member by calling 704-680-6413 or emailing Check out the program’s website here. Note that while the open houses have passed, there is still an opportunity to enroll before the October 19th start date.

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