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$1,250 Cody Cochlin Scholarship for Low-Income College Students who Skateboard Due 10/15

September 22, 2022

Background: This scholarship aims to honor the life of Cody Cochlin by supporting students who share his love for skateboarding and similar hobbies.

Eligibility: This scholarship is open to low-income undergraduate students who rollerblade, rollerskate, skateboard, or snowboard.

How to Apply: Students can apply here by the October 15th deadline. To apply, submit a video of you performing a trick you’re proud of. The video can be any length, and can be submitted alongside any essays or other media you feel may boost your odds of success, but you must be recognizable while performing said trick (i.e. no face coverings or blurred facial edits). The video can be a media submission or a YouTube link, but know that YouTube submissions are preferred.

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