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Explore Technology, Arts, and Gardening with Norris Square’s WorkReady Program

May 10, 2022

If you are 12-24 years old and looking to get paid up to $1,000 for a summer work experience, check out WorkReady! WorkReady is a program in July-August for youth living in Philadelphia. When applying to WorkReady, students can choose between a wide variety of participating worksites in fields like the Arts, STEM, Business, Education, Healthcare, Media, and more.

Program Highlight:

Each week, PhillyGoes2College will highlight a WorkReady site to help you get excited for the truly unique and inspiring opportunities out there. This week, we’re highlighting Norris Square Neighborhood Project.

Norris Square Neighborhood Project offers youth and community residents a safe space to explore culture and social-justice issues, create art, and develop their sustainable-agriculture skills. Annually, Norris Square serves up to 100 high-school-aged youth through after-school and summer programs. They also serve community members through innovative programming and six Puerto Rican/Latinx culturally-themed garden spaces.

Norris Square WorkReady students will participate in TAG (Technology, Arts, and Garden). In Technology, youth will learn computer skills and photography. In Arts, youth can express themselves through drawing, painting, and exploring color schemes and murals. In Garden, youth will learn about seedlings, soil, and medicinal plants. Youth will also harvest, cook, and eat.

Ready to get involved in Norris Square as a paid TAG student?

How to Apply:

Head to the WorkReady site for a full breakdown of the application process, and see an outline of the process below.

1. Complete the online application to express your interest in WorkReady.

2. If you’re invited to enroll, you’ll be asked to upload documents like a social security card, photo ID, and a work permit if you are between 14-17 years-old.

3. If you’re invited to participate in a work opportunity, you’ll be asked to upload additional documents clearing you to begin at the specific worksite you’ve been accepted for.

About Work Ready: WorkReady is for Philadelphia residents between the ages of 12-24. Young adults who have graduated high school but are under 24 are eligible if they are disconnected from both school and work. Individual programs may have additional eligibility requirements such as age or zip code. This year, WorkReady Summer experiences will include safe in-person participation at least 3 days/week.

Check out the WorkReady Program Locator for more information about eligibility, payment types, in-person expectations, and vaccination requirements for each individual program. You will also find the program code that you will enter in the WorkReady application.

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