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Marian Anderson Young Artist Program: Apply by 4/20

March 22, 2022

Overview: In memory of world-renowned contralto and Philadelphia-daughter, Marian Anderson, Play On Philly launches the Marian Anderson Young Artist Program which supports students, also known as Anderson Artists, in their musical studies through private lessons, individual advisement, instrument loans, and college and career counseling.

Young musicians who are selected to be Anderson Artists are exceptionally dedicated to their musical studies in classical or jazz and are focused on achieving the highest levels of musical excellence. These emerging musicians and their families are provided the comprehensive support needed to reach their full potential. The program itself is free but there is a small registration fee upon your acceptance.

Apprentice to Scholar: Anderson Artists follow a pathway of learning, starting as Apprentices and advancing to Scholars. Students in grades 3-7 should apply to the Apprentice program. 8th graders can apply to either program (if you are not yet sure if you want to pursue a career in music, apply as an Apprentice; if you are certain this is where you want to go, apply as a Scholar). Students in grades 9-10 must apply as a Scholar with the intent to pursue music in college.

Program Details: Learn more about what services you will receive and what your schedule might look like as an Apprentice or Scholar here.

How to Apply: Apply here by the April 20th deadline. The application itself takes about ten minutes to complete but you’ll likely need to ask your parent or guardian to help you fill out information about your household income. One teacher recommendation is also required.

Once your complete application has been submitted (including your teacher recommendation), the program will let you know if you have been invited to schedule a virtual interview and attend the live audition at Temple University on May 14th.

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