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Alexander Hamilton Scholars Application Due 1/26

January 10, 2022

Background: Inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s legacy of leadership through service, Alexander Hamilton Scholars (AHS) recognizes young people for their academic, personal, service and entrepreneurial accomplishments. The mission of the program is to build leaders of character who will improve our nation and our world through service, innovation, and excellence.

Award: 40 annual winners of the Hamilton Award receive two $500 cash awards to pay for college expenses at their entrance and exit from the Empowerment Program. Prior to beginning university, Scholars receive a laptop to assist in their college studies.

After accepting the Hamilton Award, students enter the five-year Empowerment Program alongside fellow cohort members and receive a comprehensive network of support and practical guidance to assist their transition from high school to college, and from college to future professional or academic paths. Learn more about the Empowerment Program and how it supports AHS scholars here.

Eligibility: All applicants should…

• be juniors in high school
• be high-achieving and service-focused
• possess grit and perseverance
• have demonstrated need
• live in the United States (though you don’t have to be a resident!)
• be college-bound to a US-based institution
• be committed to participating in our rigorous five-year curriculum
• be able to attend New York Leader Week July 9-14, 2022 (this is an all-expenses paid, no-cost trip)

How to Apply: Complete the online application here. You can find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the same link. The application includes questions about your academic and extracurricular history; short response questions; and questions that will demonstrate your financial need (you will need your parent or guardian to assist for this part of the application). The final step in the application is to complete the Big Picture section, which asks you to “submit something that gives us a better sense of who you are. This can be anything – a poem, a video, a math problem, a piece of art, a website – anything at all that can help give us a fuller picture of you.”

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