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$20,000 Terry Crews Creative Courage Scholarship Due 1/12

November 24, 2021

Apply by January 12th to the $20,000 Terry Crews Creative Courage Scholarship. The scholarship is open to current high school and undergraduate students.


“Never let anyone define you. You are the only person who defines you.” – Terry Crews

Before becoming one of the biggest stars in film and television, before becoming a professional athlete, Terry Crews was a kid in Flint, Michigan who loved art. Terry worked hard to practice and develop his skills in both painting and music, earning an art scholarship that allowed him to attend college, where he then began an athletic career that would take him to the NFL.

Today Terry works hard to entertain the world on screen, and to change it for the better off-screen by speaking out and using his voice for good, becoming a source of inspiration for people around the globe.

In an effort to continue to lift up those in need, the Terry Crews “Creative Courage” Scholarship is designed to create more opportunities for struggling artists chasing their dreams. One artist will receive $20,000 to use toward their artistic development and education.

How to Apply:

To apply, submit a link to an original art piece you’ve created. Whether your passion is painting, photography, drawing, music, sculpture, or any other art form, share a piece that you are proud of and that demonstrates your artistic vision.

Please also share a brief statement about your vision, the life experiences that have molded it, and your artistic dreams for the future.

Judging criteria includes creativity, expression, ambition, and impact.

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