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$1,000 Generous Heart Scholarship Due 11/30

November 8, 2021

Apply by November 30th to the $1,000 Ye Law Firm Generous Heart Scholarship.


It’s truly amazing to see people across the world lend a hand to someone going through a challenging or difficult time. As personal injury lawyers, we are passionate about helping individuals experiencing hardship and would like to recognize others doing the same! The Ye Law Firm will honor those who have helped someone through a hard time from the goodness of their heart with no intention of getting something in return.

This scholarship was created to encourage students to find ways to express generosity and compassion to friends, family, or total strangers in their community. We are looking for students to discuss a time when they stepped up to help someone and how that experience changed their life for the better. We would also like to hear from you on ways that we can be more compassionate and generous in our daily lives and within our community.


• currently enrolled or will be enrolled for the 2022 Spring Semester in a two to five-year postsecondary institution
• legal U.S. resident
• 3.0+ GPA and in good overall academic standing

How to Apply:

• professional resumé that lists your experience, both professional and academic
• transcript from their current school (see details at the link above)
• 750-1,000 word essay response to the prompt: Write about a time that you helped another person, whether it was a friend, family member, or total stranger. How did this experience impact your life and change how you show compassion and generosity to others? What are ways that we, as a community, can be better at helping those in need?

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