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$1,000 Better Food, Better World Scholarship Due 11/30

November 8, 2021

Apply through by November 30th for the $1,000 Better Food, Better World Scholarship, funded by The scholarship is open to college students majoring in Food, Plant Agriculture, Nutrition, the Environment, or an intersection of these fields.


As chronic diseases and climate change continue to increase at a rapid rate, many people are starting to understand the importance of changing their lifestyles to fit such a dynamic world and society. The way we eat, produce, and live are all deeply intertwined with our own health and the health of the globe.

While it is vital to feed all of the people on earth, we must do so in a way that is healthy and sustainable. After years of varying success through factory farming and processed foods, there is now a general awareness of how important natural foods and farming methods are to our health and the ecological balance.

Natural foods are also usually more nutritious and better tasting than industrial ones. Nothing is better than sharing a delicious homecooked meal with friends and family!

How to Apply:

Applicants are asked to submit a 400-600 word essay on the prompt: Why are you passionate about natural foods and the environment? How are you learning more about these topics and finding ways to contribute?

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