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$1,000 Avalaunch Media Essay or Video Scholarship Due 12/1

November 8, 2021

Apply by December 1st to the $1,000 Avalaunch Media Scholarship.


At the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range sits Avalaunch Media’s headquarters. Within the office you’ll find a 2-foot statue of a yeti symbolizing the mission and purpose of our team. Although some don’t know what a yeti is, or if it even exists, the tall tale of the yeti inspires us. We’re on a quest to create believers in digital marketing through measurable results.

Our abominable snowman – Eddy the Yeti – surrounds our team of digital marketers who believe. Are you a believer? Avalaunch Media is committed to supporting students in their educational pursuits and helping to develop the next generation of believers.

Eligibility: Any current, full-time student of an accredited two-year or four-year American university or college is welcome to apply.

How to Apply: Applicants are asked to submit a 500-word max essay or 2-minute max video on the following topic: How have you created believers in yourself and your story? (See the link above for details on submission format and social media component).

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