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Youth Technology Apprenticeship Camp: From e-Sports to STEM

July 12, 2021

Apply now for Youth Technology Apprenticeship Camp (YTAC), open to all current and recently graduated high school students. Participants will have the opportunity to complete hands-on projects, collaborate with peers, and interact with real-world examples of how STEM helps to inform and address complex business and societal issues. You will even have a chance to build your own video game, all while learning how technology and coding can offer an exciting career and life!

Fast Facts:
• The program is completely free!
• Students can participate either virtually or from in-person locations in Charlotte and Wilmington.
• Never played video games or coded before? Not a problem!
• Check out the video and program page to learn about some of the exciting things you will have the opportunity to do in the YTAC program. There will even be opportunities to win cash prizes during tournament-style competitions streamed live and cast with commentators so all of your classmates can watch and root you on!

• Applicant Registration — Available NOW! The form is available at the link above and should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please keep in mind that the information collected will only be used to prepare YTAC staff for the upcoming needs of participants and will in no way impact a prospect’s candidacy.
•  Candidate Screening — Once an applicant has successfully registered using the form below, they will be contacted via the e-mail address submitted regarding candidate screening. If you registered and are waiting to hear from YTAC, please be patient as their staff works through all applications.
•  Launch of YTAC Cohort 4 — Once the cohort starts, YTAC will be working with participants several hours per week for roughly three weeks.

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