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$1,000 Orangesoft Women in Technology Scholarship Due 10/31

September 22, 2022

Background: Orangesoft is a company that develops mobile and web apps. This scholarship aims to support a talented young female techie who would like to pursue their dream to innovate our tech-first world. As an Orangesoft Scholar, you will receive new financial opportunities and a chance to participate in the IT industry development.

Be a student who is currently studying at or has been accepted to an accredited U.S. college or university
• Be currently enrolled in a STEM degree-granting program OR demonstrate plans to pursue a career in the field of technology after graduation
• Identify as a woman
• 3.0+ GPA

How to Apply: Students can apply here by the October 31st deadline. To apply, submit an approximately 500-word essay on the prompt provided.

The applicants who share their essays with a link to the Orangesoft website on an online resource like a student blog their university’s website, their own website, or a blogging platform such as will receive higher priority in getting the scholarship.

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