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$1,150 Deborah’s Grace 12th Grade + College Scholarship Due 1/31

January 10, 2022

Background: A few years ago, a kind and selfless soul in Deborah Doherty was lost. Throughout her lifetime, she wanted everyone around her to be happy and tried to bring a smile to the faces of those in her life. In Deborah’s honor and to help people achieve their goals in and out of the classroom, the Deborah’s Grace Scholarship will support all high school seniors and current undergraduate students who have gone through and overcome some form of adversity.

Eligibility: The scholarship is open to all current high school seniors or current undergraduate students.

How to Apply: Apply here by January 31st. Applicants are asked to write 400-600 words on: What is an example of adversity that you’ve endured, how have you overcome it, and how will your resilience help you overcome more adversity in the future?

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