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$2,500 Sigmund Healthcare/IT Scholarship Due 12/1

November 16, 2021

Apply by December 1st for the $2,500 Sigmund Software scholarship.

To be eligible, applicants must be in good standing at a postsecondary institution within the United States. Applicants must be currently enrolled in one of the below courses, majors, or programs of study:
• Health Information Management
• Health Informatics
• Healthcare Technology
• Healthcare (even paraprofessional)
• Nursing
• IT
• Computer Engineering

To apply, submit a 500-word essay addressing one of the following topics:
• What advancements do you want to see in healthcare technology? Where do you see a need to be filled by technology?
• What motivated you to choose your specific field of study and how do you propose to make an impact?
• Identify someone in the healthcare or technology field that revolutionized it, or contributed something innovative.  • What did they do, and how would you further innovate the field?

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