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$1,000 EasyMigrate Study Abroad Scholarship Due 10/31

October 13, 2021

Apply by October 31st to the $1,000 EasyMigrate Overseas Study Scholarship. The scholarship is open to high school or college students who plan to study abroad.

How to Apply:

• Submit an approximately 1000-word essay on the reasons why you have chosen to study abroad or are planning to study abroad in another country. Explain the preparations you have done until now and mention the preparations that you plan to do in the future. Please advise us regarding whether you have or have not used the services of an education agent or a migration attorney. Explain why. (Having used an education agent or migration attorney is not a scholarship requirement).

• Submit a two-minute video that includes your name, your country, details about your current study-program, and  details about your intended studies abroad. In this video please outline your case regarding the reasons for your study abroad and why you feel you are well-suited for this EasyMigrate scholarship. Both your essay and your video must be creative and original.

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