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Get Paid to Earn Your Associates Degree with an Aon Apprenticeship

June 1, 2021

Are you interested in earning your Associates Degree? How about if it’s tuition-free, while establishing a long-term career that offers growth, competitive salary and benefits? Apply here for the Aon Apprenticeship program by June 14th. The program begins at Aon in August.

See the program overview below, and learn more about the program schedule and compensation at the link above.

What is the Aon Apprenticeship Program? 

The Aon Apprenticeship program was designed to create a new pathway for individuals interested in completing their Associates Degree while gaining valuable experience and establishing a long-term career at Aon. It is a two-year program that balances on-the-job learning at Aon with in-school classroom learning at a two-year accredited partner college.

During the program, you will quickly learn about our business, develop your professional skills and build lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients.  Do you have experience in customer service, administrative positions, working with people or on a team? All of these experiences help you learn how to problem-solve and will serve you well as an Aon Apprentice.  As far as industry-specific work – don’t worry, we will teach you everything you need to know on that front.

The Apprenticeship program is a full-time job.  Apprentices dedicate a combined 40 hours per week working at Aon and attending classes to complete their Associates Degree – all of which is financially covered!  Yes, you read that right – we will pay you for your time at Aon and your time spent in the classroom!  Additionally, we will also cover your tuition and books while you are enrolled in the program. 

After successful completion of the program, you will receive an offer to stay with Aon in a full-time, salaried position.  You will also have achieved the “Certified Insurance Apprentice” designated by the Department of Labor and an Associates Degree.  From there, you will have established a career at Aon and will have ample opportunity to grow as an industry professional.

What’s Required & Expected?
• High School Diploma or equivalent

• If interested in Philadelphia location, must be enrolled and fully accepted as a student at the Community College of Philadelphia by program start in Aug 2021
• Passed with a ‘C’ or higher first level English and Math, OR receive a passing score on a College Readiness exam provided by aligned college (for Philadelphia applicants, this would be CCP)


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